Why CRE Income Fund?

How does the Income Fund work?

When we purchase an asset, we essentially become the bank. So simply the CRE Income Fund works as follows:

We receive monthly rent payments from our tenants

We pass a portion of that rent payment back to our investors

Over time the underlying asset increases in value giving us the opportunity to sell and realize the capital gain

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Tax Efficiency

Real estate investments are structured in a tax-efficient manner, allowing investors to reduce taxable income through the use of depreciation.


Real estate investments can be nimble and flexible in their investment strategy, giving them the freedom to pursue profitable deals where they’re available.

Investment Benefits

High Current Yield

Targeted returns of 12% to 14% per year with a 10% dividend yield


The Fund is the owner of commercial properties

Low Leverage

The Fund borrows no more than 60% of the asset’s valuation

Tax Efficient

Portion of earnings are taxed as long-term capital gains

Experienced Management

Management team has a combined twenty years’ experience in Finance

Return Profile

The CRE Income Fund pays an annual 10% dividend yield with a targeted 12% to 14% IRR. Because the CRE Income Fund owns the property, the Fund also generates capital gains when the assets are sold.

*The graph here is for illustrative purposes only, showing all preferred returns being reinvested. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

The Fund purchases long-term income producing properties. The Fund’s strategy is twofold:

The Fund purchases long-term income producing properties. The Fund's strategy is twofold:

Buy & hold cash-flowing, long-term commercial properties for yield and capital gains.

Over time as the property increases in value:

  • Sell and Capture the Capital Gains
  • Return a Portion of the Profits to Investors
  • Excess Cash is Continually Reinvested into New Holdings

Let CRE Income Fund show you how we can create a diverse and successful portfolio.