E-Commerce’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate

March 30, 2023

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Our economy today is heavily dependent on the real estate sector. The commercial industries play a big role in helping businesses develop including factories, retail outlets as well as warehouses but with a surge in e-commerce activities, the traditional market is disturbed. This has forced the companies to reconsider their investments in such properties because of a change in demand. 

In this article, we look at ways the demand in e-commerce has an impact on the industrial commercial real estate industries and how e-commerce affects commercial real estate investing. 

Benefits of E-commerce Increasing Demand in Recent Years

The transformation of e-commerce and a change in our shopping experience has brought together a marketplace where we can buy products and services with a few quick clicks. Right from buying clothes to transferring money in a bank, everything is now possible through electronic networks like the Internet. This secure system gives us access to an abundance of goods from across the world at our convenience from the comfort of our homes. 

E-commerce allows companies to make transactions simpler and quicker. Another benefit is the opportunity to sell products or services at a much lower cost than any other traditional methods of selling. 

Hence, e-commerce companies benefit from economies of scale to keep costs low while having access to the latest technologies that help automate many tasks. 

Increased E-commerce Demand Leads to Commercial Real Estate Demand Increases

E-commerce companies can easily reach out to those customers who might not be reachable otherwise. That said, they can also provide better customer service through phone calls, email, and social media- offering them a feeling of being part of something bigger while also building strong relationships with the company. However, businesses continue to benefit from brick-and-mortar. 

Today, e-commerce real estate remains an important part of the commercial sector as it provides a more efficient way of doing business and it is common practice to use e-commerce in the commercial sector. It helps reduce costs and save money. However, with the rise in demand for e-commerce, businesses also see a need for more distribution centers and warehouses which drives demand for office spaces and physical shopping locations. Let’s dig deeper into it. 

How E-commerce Affects Commercial Real Estate

Due to growing e-commerce activities, there is a rise in the demand for pop-up shops and smaller retail spaces. Setting up a pop-up is a good way for new brands to try new ideas or for those small businesses which do not have the resources to establish permanent stores. It is a short-term experiment that enables innovation and allows companies to try new concepts without having to invest in expensive retail spaces. With the growing demand for e-commerce, the opportunities for small and accessible commercial real estate spaces are also growing. 

E-commerce has also had a huge impact on CRE investing and it can be seen in the growth of co-working spaces which provide an ideal alternative to traditional offices. It reduces costs and offers high flexibility. With more and more companies going mobile and global, there is a rise in requirements for co-working spaces that can help save costs by enabling businesses to easily share resources. These spaces also have features that are often restricted to the expensive office spaces like flexible work environment, food and beverage options throughout the day, and quick and easy access to technology. 

The growth in e-commerce has a direct impact on the development of commercial real estate and investment in CRE will continue to grow throughout the year. Investing in a CRE Income Fund can be an ideal way to invest in the commercial real estate sector in the country.

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Investing in the commercial real estate space is a great way to enjoy passive income while watching your investments grow. In an uncertain market like today, CRE investment can bring stability to your portfolio.