The CRE Income Fund is a commercial real estate fund designed to generate long-term capital appreciation and a 10% annual yield.

CRE Income Fund

Hedge Against Inflation &
Higher Interest Rates by
targeting assets with
10-15+-year leases and
annual rental escalations

Historical Growth of the Industrial Sector

More on the Advantages of the CRE Income Fund

Veteran team of commercial real estate professionals who understand changing market conditions and critical investment factors

A disciplined investment process framed by industry and population change seen through the lens of fair market value

Rigorous fundamentals based research and analytics on technology and industrial real estate assets to find, enhance and realize long-term portfolio benefits

Predictable monthly income and stable returns, mitigated default risk by leasing only to investment-grade tenants, with a defensive investment posture across a range of market conditions

A focus on the private real estate sector for diversification and inflation hedging, mirroring how the wealthiest 1% invest

The confidential information in the “Investment Summary” is only
available to accredited investors and can be found by requesting additional
information or a discussion with a CRE Income Fund representative.