Investment Summary For Commercial Property Investments

Target Properties In Our Investment Strategies

Our investment strategies target properties in technology and industrial spaces.


Given the highly digitized nature of modern commerce, most companies require some degree of data storage that requires specific facilities to house the storage equipment, run IT systems, and facilitate cloud storage and computing, including climate control and security protocols.


Distribution warehouses function as critical hubs in logistics networks. The space must allow companies to effectively serve their customer base and add efficiencies to the overall process through automated technologies, sufficient dock space, and proximity to freeways, railways, or airports if needed.

The CRE Income Fund is a commercial real estate fund designed to generate long-term capital appreciation and a 10% annual yield.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Hedge Against Inflation

Hedge against Inflation and rising interest rates by targeting assets with 10-15+ year leases and annual rental escalations.

Lease to Investment-Grade Tenants

Lease to investment-grade credit tenants to mitigate default risk throughout the lease term.

Tax Efficiency

Real estate investments are structured in a tax-efficient manner, allowing investors to reduce taxable income through the use of depreciation.


Real estate investments can be nimble and flexible in their investment strategy, giving them the freedom to pursue profitable deals where they’re available.

Historical Growth of the Industrial Sector

For the past 10 years the REIT Industrial Sector Return Is:


Higher than the MSCI


Greater than the DJ / CS

For the past 10 years, the average annual return for the NAREIT industrial sector is 19%, nearly 15% higher than that of the Dow Jones CS Index.

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