Technology Trends Evolving in Commercial Real Estate Investing

February 15, 2023

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With each new day, it seems like there is a new technology that is here to make our lives better. And at times, it can become impossible to keep up with fast-changing technology. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and it is equally normal to try to adapt to the new technology as soon as you can. The best way to approach new technology is to be prepared. 

Let’s take a look at the impact of technology in commercial real estate investing and how it will soon affect you. In this article, we highlight the top commercial real estate technology trends today and reflect on how they are changing the ways of investing. 

Technology Trends Tied To Commercial Real Estate Property Values

The advances in technology are only going to grow in the coming years and even the commercial real estate sector will see changes in the demand for properties. We will see technologies like autonomous vehicles, smart offices as well as home automation that will redefine where and how businesses want to locate. 

Using such technologies, a business can reduce its overhead cost and eliminate the need for having a certain physical location. This will have an impact on the commercial real estate sector as it could lower the demand for commercial spaces and lead to a drop in property values. 

However, it does not mean that the entire commercial real estate sector will see a decline in value. Properties located in new tech startups could see a rise in value because of the anticipation of future success. Hence, as an investor, you should be aware of the impact of technological advancements on the value of your property and how you can capitalize on them. 

Let’s take a look at the ways you can benefit from the developments in the commercial real estate sector. 

Unlocking Benefits of Technology in Commercial Real Estate

Technology has transformed the way we work and we have started seeing a lot of focus on telecommuting. It has huge implications for commercial real estate and can impact leasing and location decisions. Organizations are trying to maintain the current space while also offering the option of remote work to employees. Since employees can work from anywhere, leasing decisions will also be impacted. 

It will also have a direct impact on commuters too as the number of people leaving their homes for work will reduce. Organizations will have to maintain space for those who regularly come to the office while also keeping space for activities that do not happen virtually. Now is the time for businesses to think about the impact of telecommuting and how it alters their space needs. 

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and you can leverage it to make the most of commercial real estate investing. Let’s see how. 

Leveraging AI Technology in Commercial Real Estate Investing

Artificial intelligence has fast become a huge part of the commercial real estate sector. It can automate property management tasks like lease management or tenant screening and this can lead to a quick and accurate process. It will also save the time and money of investors while ensuring that their assets comply with the rules and regulations. 

That said, AI adoption could also lead to some potential problems which is why it is important to consider the risks that arise from automating the processes and how the investment strategy could be affected by emerging technologies. It is important to have an adequate understanding of integrating AI into the existing system or it will lead to disruption. If you are not cautious when using AI, it can lead to higher costs. 

Here are the top AI technologies that can impact commercial real estate investing.

Automated Lease Management 

As mentioned above, AI can help manage leases and tenants, streamlining the process of tenant screening and rent collection. 

Predictive Analytics

Using AI-driven algorithms, investors can understand the latest trends in real estate and make the right decisions, ultimately, maximizing the returns. 

Voice Assistants

With the use of smart home technology, it can become easier to communicate with tenants and handle property management tasks. 

Let us now understand the impact of data and analytics on the sector. 

Unlocking the Potential of Predictive Analytics in Commercial Real Estate Investing

Predictive analytics can transform the real estate industry and allow investors to make the right decisions. There is a lot of high-quality data which allows the investor to benefit from the granular insights about the properties they own or are thinking of buying. Using data analytics to understand consumer behavior, trends, and other factors can lead to better decision-making. 

Data can also help identify potential investments, value a property, or handle current assets. Investors can use the information to allocate resources, predict risks and build strategies that help strengthen their real estate portfolio. These developments can lead to intelligent investing in the sector due to easily available capabilities. 

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